How to Play Bingo

I’m new to bingo or we have never played here before.  How do we do this or what do we need to buy?

We hear the above often and we are ready to assist you in enjoying a game that costs very little to play but the payout can be big in excitement, socially and in CASH!  It may be confusing but we will try to simplify it for you here.  Also, see the Basic Bingo Guidelines and Decorum below the questions and answers.


  • It is the player’s responsibility to get the caller’s attention when declaring a bingo. Yell loudly enough so the caller can hear you.  If the caller does not hear you and calls another number you may have to split the prize fee with other winners.
  • Computers are Auto-Daub. Just monitor the pattern, your number needed to bingo and yell bingo when the computer reflects WINNER across the screen.
  • Paper Players can daub the number in the TV monitors as soon as the ball is displayed.
  • If the ball in the monitor will give you a bingo do not yell bingo until that number is verbally called by the caller.
  • If you have a bingo but fail to declare your bingo before the next number is called you may have to split the prize fee. This is commonly referred to as sleeping a bingo.
  • You do not have to have the last number called to have a valid bingo.
  • Once a bingo is closed by the caller no other calls for bingo will be accepted as a valid bingo.
  • Employees on the floor sell paper and pulltabs. They also answer questions for you about bingo and pay your cash prizes.  If you want to buy additional paper or pulltabs simply hold your arm in the air with a dollar in your hand.  Our employees will come to you as soon as practical.
  • Employees are primary paid via tips—just like in a restaurant. Tips are not required but very much appreciated.  If you win a bingo feel free to tip your worker or caller when you are paid your cash prize.