12-On cards
$1 Per Session

$2 Coveralls per session
$2 Double Action Paper plays with 4th game
Early Birds 5 Games for $5
$50 pots each game


Fully Loaded
$10 – Both Session
Double Action
$20 – Both Session
66 cards for each game



  1. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter and play bingo.
  2. Children 6 years of age or older may enter the bingo hall if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Everyone must play bingo.
  3. No other gambling or games of chance are allowed in the bingo hall
  4. All phones must be silenced or turned off during bingo.
  5. Bingo cards or computers may not be reserved.
  6. We reserve the right to alter the program without prior notice.
  7. Patrons will be asked to leave the premises for any disruptive and unacceptable behavior such as using profanity, vulgar language, derogatory comments or arguing with fellow patrons or employees. In the event this occurs money will not be refunded on any purchase.
  8. Absolutely no soliciting for any reason; products, services or money.


  1. It is the player’s responsibility to get the callers attention by yelling bingo loudly. If the caller does not hear you yell bingo your bingo will not be recognized as a valid bingo.
  2. The number displayed on the monitors is not valid until called.
  3. Once the letter of the next ball has been called the number of the ball must be called and is considered a called number.
  4. Once a bingo is closed by the caller, no other calls for bingo are accepted.
  5. Electronics must be on the correct game to win and you must be on the correct paper color to win.
  6. Paper cards may not be cut or split or shared between players. If you bingo on a split or shared paper or computer it will be an invalid bingo.
  7. Bingo ink daubers must be used on the paper or the bingo is not valid.


  1. A receipt must be available for a prize to be awarded.
  2. All prize payouts are based on the total number of winners.  In the event of multiple winners the prize will be split equally amongst all winners.
  3. All prize payouts are in accordance with Texas State Law.
  4. No cash or debit refunds will be processed for any reason.
  5. Only cash and debit cards are accepted for the purchase of bingo products. Checks will not be accepted.


  1. Event tabs will be played during the session. Announcements will be made about how to play the ticket and how the winners are determined.
  2. Event tab winners that are not verified prior to closure of the game will not be awarded.


  1. A player can request verification of the numbers drawn and verification of the balls remaining in the blower and drawn at the time a winner is determined.
  2. Verification will take place in front of the operator, the player requesting the verification, and one or more other players.
  3. All bingo equipment is inspected prior to the first game played to ensure that all bingo balls are present and undamaged and that the bingo console, flashboard, and sound system are properly working.


  1. Electronic malfunctions will void all play
  2. If a problem is discovered with the bingo balls, equipment or the operation of the equipment while the game is still in progress or in the event of a power outage or equipment failure, the game may be voided and replayed, or you will either be refunded for the unused portion of your bingo cards or the game will be continued by pulling numbers from a cage. If a cage is used, 2 customers will sit by the caller and verify the numbers pulled. The operator or officer on duty may also be a witness to the balls pulled.
  3. If a game is voided and replayed, at the discretion of the manager, each player will be allowed to replay the bingo cards previously purchased or will be given new cards to play.
  4. If a problem is discovered with the bingo balls, equipment, or operation of the equipment after the game has been closed, the problem will be corrected before a new bingo game or session is played.
  5. If the caller places a ball in the wrong spot or calls the wrong number, the caller will announce that this error has been made, will take the ball out of the wrong spot and put in the correct spot. The caller will then call the correct number and make sure all patrons are aware of what occurred and how it was corrected.
  6. The manager on duty is responsible for dispute resolutions.